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Before contacting support service, please read the frequently asked questions in the "Help" section.

Most likely, you will find the answer to your question here. List of key issues often arising from the music's authors offering their content to Internet distributors.

Who can offer the products?
Any adult service user can. You can become our customer if you are above 18 years.

Do you accept all compositions?
Generally yes if you own the copyright and offer us good quality music product. We listen to all tracks offered for publishing with the assistance of iMixes.ru and pay much attention to their quality.We don't give 100% guaranty that your music product should be published. Each portal decides by itself what kind of music to sell.Your music should not be liked by us but it should be on a high level. Remember your compositions could be criticized by customers when you offer them the similar Internet services. Think first before you begin to create account and upload your music spending money on it.

Do i need any label?
In order to publish your compositions you need neither label nor publishing outfit. If you own copyright on any tracks you can offer it. Even you don't need legal entity. You can start at any moment. Be careful giving the name to your labels. You must be sure that they do not exist already.

Which full powers do i have to transfer to you?
All we need is the digital distribution rights of your tracks. All other rights remain untouched. For example: copyrights, publishing and producing rights and so on. We are your distributors but not a record Company.

In what format do i need to upload my music?
WAV audio file (16 bit,44100Hz)

Where could my music be offered?
On all download shops and platforms connected with us. To find a list of all our partners click "Partners". They are divided on exclusive partners, distributors and shops.

Do i need an EAN code?
No, you don't. iMixes will take care of it. For publishing your songs you can buy an EAN from us at any time. The whole administration, distribution and adding to catalogues of the different portals is based on (EAN) code. It is your product’s ID. If, for example you are the owner of the same label and already have an EAN code you can use your own one. Thus you can save money for publishing.

Do i need an ISRC code?
No. For registration/publishing your songs you can buy an EAN code from us at any time.

I have forgotten my password.
You can request your password in "Register" again.

How long does it take to upload my songs?
It depends on your Internet connection. The uploading of wav. file can take a few minutes. You can upload your music via other different upload systems. For example, FTP.

How to choose the correct genre for my music?
You can choose from our proposed styles of music, which will be precisely accepted by all platforms.

What is album, compilation and single?
Single as a rule is one song with two or three alternative versions. Album consists of several different songs from one composer. Thus a single usually costs less than an album when it is sold through digital service. Compilation combines different artists on one CD.

Do i need a cover?
Yes, you do! It's better if you have a cover made by a graphic designer. Also you can order a cover from iMixes.ru. It's fast and reasonable.

Can you create me a cover?
Yes! In the "Albums" our graphic department will offer you a choice of various design options. Next, you should confirm the order for the price stated on the website. You will be able to comment while working on the cover before it is placed in our catalogue.

Can iMixes.ru refuse to take my cover?
If your cover doesn't look properly we will have to refuse to it's publishing. Also, we refuse the publishing in advertising or have web addresses on the cover, when the texts incite violence or some illegal activities.

Can i use a cover which is already existed?
No. Graphics is a subject of copyright as well as music. You need the owner's agreement for his graphics use. Pay attention- you bear juridical responsibility for data published by you.

How to define the price of my track?
In the majority of cases you can do it yourself. Portals have their own politics. But you can choose of three prices suggested by us. Keep in mind that we are also interested in getting better prices for your publications.

I have got many tracks for selling through iMixes.ru service. Is it possible to expedite the loading process and songs entering your catalogue?
You can send us your material on any digital media. Then we will upload it into the system. The coast of it you could get from the price's list. There is the responsibility to create a special loading access with Excel and XML files for majors and big music labels.

Where could i see the result of sells?
In "Statistics" item in your account you will find all the publication about sells and sums earned.

How will i learn what and where is sold?
In "Statistics" item in your account it is passable in the present to check the time and number of tracks sold as well as the price of them. It should be taken into account that with the third portals like iTunes the sales data transmission is not instant.

How much do i get from any publications?
Considerably more then in case you have signed a contract with record Companies. Certainly it depends on a separately taken portal. There are services suggesting whole releases only- others deal with one time agreements. Under full upload the price varies from 0,5 to 0,70 euro. Under one time model the number of prices both by the client is decisive. In that case it is less then 10 cents.

When shall i get my money?
At the end of each month or when the sum on your account is more then 1000 rubles. We will transfer the money to your bank account or through the electronic pay system used by us.

Will you advertise my publications?
We advertise for our exclusive portals and your publications are in their catalogue too. But you should take care of popularisation of your music yourself. We are only distributors.

What if my song becomes hit?
We have been working on the electronic stage within 17 years. Thank to our Internet projects many people working in the sphere of music learn about new artists. If your music piece becomes a hit we will get offers from big publishers which we automatically send to you. This information will appear in your e-mail on iMixes.ru

What happens if some big Company wants to buy my song?
Your musical creation is always free for licensing by other Companies. It means that we have only non-exclusive rights for digital distribution of your songs, at any moment you can take them from us. You can give these rights to other distributing Company.

Can I upload cover version or remix?
Rather with the written consent of the rights holder for the masterpiece in question. For having the possibility to publish your own version of the piece you should sign an agreement for its remake with the first rights holder. You will need the permission from the Company, author and composer, copyright owner for the piece distribution. Keep in mind you are bearing the full responsibility for publishing on iMixes.ru through your account.

Can I sell any composition in case I have no right for them?
Definitely not. And you bear the full responsibility. We suggest you only the platform for distributing of your creations. For publishing the music content you should guaranty that you have all the rights for the songs. The separate fragments from other works are concerned too even if they are not longer than a second, or in case if separate instrumental or vocal parties from other compositions are used. This is a widely spread opinion that you can freely publish the pieces with elements from other compositions if they are by you with the RAO. It is absolutely wrong. You should always have a written permission (contract) for distribution from the owner of the definite author tracks. For example: from the record Company, publisher, author. Other myths are spread widely that it is possible to use 4 seconds or the pair of tacts from other composition. It is wrong as well. There is no rule of 4 second and so on. Any use of compositions protected by copyright needs a permission of the author or the rights holder.

What is meant under musical pieces containing texts forbidden for publication?
Songs with extreme ideas provoking violence and other unlawful actions are forbidden on iMixes.ru

What is a master-copy?
Master copy is the original recording. The recording made in the studio and given for distribution e.g. to a factory for reproduction. You need a master-copy which you own in case you have recorded your song yourself. If you ordered it to producers you need their agreement for publishing your song.

The owner of the copyright i.e. a text writer, composer are paid on the basis of these rights. Some portals register their sales at some agencies themselves. These agencies in their turn forward you the payments. In that case you should be a member of one of the agencies.

Is it obligatory to be a member of RAO or some other organizations?
No. You can sell your songs on iMixes.ru without being a member of RAO.

I have already CD, vinyl on the market.
You can distribute the digital copies of your works through iMixes.ru even if you have already published these tracks on CD, vinyl and so on. But it is correct only in case you are holder of distribution rights in the Internet.

What is a catalogue number and number of a musical piece?
Published releases get a number in the catalogue as well as a musical piece- gets its number. The numbers are needed for their registering in others Internet networks. These numbers are not connected with ISRC or (EAN) bar code.

What for is «C» on the cover of a published song?
«C» (Copyright) shows that the musical work is protected by the copyright. If it is produced by you - your name or your label will be shown.

What is the meaning of «P» on the cover of the song?
«P» (Published) shows that the musical work is published by a record Company. If the rights on your track are not confirmed by the contract with a definit Company «Copyright Control» will be written on the cover. If you have a contract with some label it will be shown on the release.

How long is the publication process?
On iMixes.ru portal the track will be published in 24 hours after the uploading.

What happens if my label is already used?
Introducing the label name the system rechecks in our data base if any record Company has a similar label name on the market. It is not a guarantee that other Companies have not already used the label. This checking is only additional way of control. So you should check carefully if the name chosen by you for your new label is unused. With the help of the label name chosen by you the system will associate your music works with your account.

How correctly upload your music files to the system?
Service iMixes.ru accepts for uploading only files «wav» ( e.g.- 10000077.wav)

You can send us your question by filling the form here.